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Place Name Weeks
TBA Amy Week 1 to 
TBA Trent Week 1 to
TBA Bridgette Week 1 to
TBA Brick Week 1 to
TBA Ella Week 1 to Week 3
TBA Harold Week 1 to
TBA Samey Week 1 to
TBA Leonard Week 1 to
TBA Dawn Week 1 to
TBA Cameron Week 1 to
TBA Courtney Week 1 to
TBA Lightning Week 1 to
15th Staci Week 1 to Week 1
16th Duncan Week 1 to Week 1
TBA Sky Week 1 to
14th Dave Week 1 to Week 2


This is the first season of the roleplay, it includes Mean Twin Amy, Coolguy Trent, Soulful Bridgette, Cadet Brick, Princess Ella, Nerdy Harold, Nice Twin Samey/Sammy, LARPer Leonard, Creepy as Hell Dawn, Bubble Boy Cameron, B.I.T.C Courtney, Not That Bright Lightning, Chatty Staci, Bad Boy Duncan, Zoey Wannabe Sky, and Mike Wannabe Dave.

Elimination TableEdit

Place Name Weeks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
? Amy
? Trent
? Bridgette
? Brick
? Harold
? Samey
? Leonard
? Dawn
? Cameron
? Courtney
? Lightning
? Sky
13th Ella X
14th Dave X
15th Staci X
16th Duncan X
  • Due to there being 2 parts of week 3 only the 2nd part will be described

Green Means That The Housguest Survived That Week Without Any Sort Of Punishment.

Blue Means That The Houseguest Got Nominated That Week.

Orange Means That The Houseguest Won Head Of Household That Week.

Purple Means That The Houseguest Won The Power Of Veto That Week.

Red and X Means That The Houseguest Got Evicted That Week.

Cyan mean that person was HOH but one there nominees won the BotB

Pink means that they won the BotB